Our Strategy

We believe that the new and emerging space represents the most attractive investment opportunity in Nepal, the Middle East and the globe over today, as it is characterised by less competition, less intermediation, and deal flow that tends to be relationship-driven. The market segments presented by a developing country presents large and compelling opportunities.

Kandel Groups, unique positioning, and strength lie in our ability to think independently, often as a first mover with a team or strategy. Our dual heritage serves as a central building block of the firm and informs our culture, strategy, and execution capabilities. Languages and cultural barriers, with divergent local business practices, can prove barriers to project development and growth. Thus, further emphasising the need for specialist skills and experience to navigate this area effectively, elements inherent and synonymous with Kandel Group.

In Nepal and the developing nations of the Middle East, industries such as manufacturing and services are few and dominated by a number of small players. The gap in demand is largely executed by imports and services catered by the international community.  We have positioned ourselves to disruptors to this process and the status quo; our strategy is geared towards local cultivation and emphasis on building and investing in projects, which fulfil the gap locally.

While the UK represents a more conventional strategy, geared towards the expansion and growth of our existing portfolio in Education, Real Estate, Hospitality, and Health Care.

Kandel Group is committed to identifying structural growth sectors, by tracking the shift in capital expenditure and consumer spending, mapping our research to Five key investment sectors:

Arising Nepal: The growing economies and expanding middle classes of emerging Nepal.  

Energy Transition: The global shift from fossil fuels to new sources of energy

Digital Revelation: The phenomenon of digitalisation, which has an ever-increasing effect in everyday life.

Shifting Lifestyle: Ageing population and extended longevity are altering global lifestyles.

Exploding Tourism: The Two million and growing annually luxury outbound tourists to Nepal and the growing need to cater to this market presents a large myriad of opportunities.