Investors Relation

Our investors place an enormous level of faith on us with their hard earned capital. The management and growth of the capital is our utmost responsibility and duty of care.

We believe in Partnership, Trust, and Confidence with all our investors. The transparent and fluid relationship with our investors enables our collective success and growth

Our investment fund is supported by a number of high net individuals and institutional investors. A genuinely different co-investment club, the careful balance of mixed investors and potential future investors with relevant experience and an appetite to get involved are considered for board positions at the portfolio company, in keeping in line with our entrepreneurial management ethos.  

In existence with the commingled fund, investors are also presented with the ability to tailor their investments to specific projects and for those who wish to add exposure to new geographies. 

As well as receiving regular presentations about the progress of portfolio companies, our partners actively engage with them to identify investment opportunities and introduce contacts to assist growth. Members are considered for non-executive roles.