Investment Approach

At its core, our investment philosophy and approach is a thematic one, with a focus on long-term structural growth.  Our approach is orientated towards the sustainable development, economic growth and diversification of the country’s economy in parallel with the group’s portfolio. The objective is to seek out sustainable growth by identifying a structurally growing market sector, markets segments which may be underdeveloped or absent from the Nepalese economy. Our core strength lies in our ability to think independently, often as a first mover with a team or strategy.

 As such, Kandel Group deploys capital and develops projects across a range of selective industries, focusing on economic arenas manifesting attractive and exploitable fundamental momentum characteristics. Within this context, Kandel Group will also consider investing in selective start-up situations involving particularly strong management teams with relevant track records.  Kandel Group is able to devise and implement business development plans effectively and, where necessary, complement management and functional specialists to affect value creation.