About Us

The Kandel Group is an independent Nepali-British led selective investment firm with a core focus on the global education sectors and emerging industries and markets centred on Nepal, the Middle East, and the UK.  Our scale and dynamic entrepreneurial driven structure have enabled the group to grow into a multi million-pound company, as it stands today relative to our short history.

Our competence lies in our unique focal lenses through which we perceive and navigate the world around us. The Nepali-British nature of the group resonates through and through, constituting a founding pillar of the group. 

The cross-cultural experiences, social insights, and expertise derived from two unique halves of lives influenced, nurtured and intertwined together from formative years in Nepal to the onset of adulthood and higher academia in Britain of the founding members, forms the basis and driving factors behind investment strategies and decision making.  

The vibrant portfolio operated under the group umbrella reflects the cultural trade of ideas, innovation, and expertise of the two respected nations. At present, the group holds a diverse portfolio of business interest in Education, Health, Hospitality, IT, Real Estate and News Media stretching over three continents.  

The success and on-going growth and value of the portfolio are delivered through deep operational expertise and expert strategic guidance combined with identification and key placement of innovative, creative talents from across the globe to head the respective company.  This entrepreneurial management ethos facilitates a level of autonomy, paralleled with effective oversight by Kandel Group has enabled the growth and diversification of the portfolio. Our human capital is our best competitive advantage and resource.  

Our Primary investment strategy and in-house project development centres around the introduction and economic development of the new or emerging micro industry for Nepal in particular, focusing on sustainability, innovation, and growth to the benefit of both the stakeholders, local community and the wider Nepalese economy. The Kandel Group employs an extensive research-oriented approach to identification and analysis of projects under development or potentially compelling projects and investment opportunity.  

The Kandel Group offers a wealth of exciting innovative investment opportunities across a myriad of new and existing industries and markets. Investing and developing projects across the full breadth and depth of contrasting and diverse markets require specialist skills and entrepreneurial will. The Kandel Group incorporates and understands the various complexities and challenges presented by regulatory and customer environment at both the national and global levels.